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Bespoke electrical testing and services

Professional, Qualified, Experienced

Data Facilities offer a full range of electrical testing services.
We provide bespoke tailored testing solutions and pride ourselves on the highest level of testing and delivery.

Fixed installation testing or fixed wire testing is undertaken in accordance with the 18th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations and Guidance Note 3, and to the standards as set out in BS7671:2018 and subsequent amendments.

Consultations, Surveys and Inspections
Electrical installations are treated to a thorough inspection and testing regime by our skilled and qualified operatives, and via careful liaison and free site consultations we are able to keep any disruption to the electrical installation to a minimum.

In the past, this work has been referred to as hardwire testing, periodic inspections, or even 5 yearly inspection and testing (as most commercial installations require to be tested at 5 yearly intervals). However, there are exceptions; depending upon the environment and installation, the maximum period between inspection and testing can be as little as 1 year or as much as 10 years. Our management will advise the most cost-effective solution for our clients’ regime whilst ensuring statutory compliance is met with transparency of process and reference to the relevant statutory documentation throughout.

As a member of the NICEIC all of our Electrical Installation Conditions Reports (EICR) are produced to their standards and in the NICEIC’s format.

Quotations for remedial work can be provided for any unsatisfactory installation, although we pride ourselves on offering a third-party assessment. As such, our reports can be sent on to other electrical contractors to enable competitive quotes to be gathered by our clients.

Due to the demands of modern technology in the workplace, the electrical current can fluctuate and cause a variety of problems. Often, harmonic currents travel on the edge of conductors causing over-heating. Simultaneously, surges or “spikes” may occur causing circuit breakers to trip, motors and transformers to fail, and power usage to increase leading to electrical and financial inefficiency.

Detailed Harmonic Analysis & Load Surveys
Our detailed electrical load analysis is undertaken over a period of days in order to ascertain whether the installation is working to optimum efficiency and capacity. A comprehensive evaluation of the voltage, current flow, power consumption and harmonics is produced to identify the source of any electrical problem and a specialist advisor will recommend the best solution for your installation whether it may be a revision in design or the installation of a custom-designed harmonic filter.

We check inspect, test and maintain fire alarm systems in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and British Standards BS5839-6:2019. Employers are responsible for their own fire safety risk assessments and have to judge what fire precautions are necessary to protect their employees.

The only reliable means of ensuring that your existing fire detection system remains compliant and fully functional is to instigate a plan of regular maintenance and testing. This should be carried out by a competent person with specialist knowledge of fire detection and alarm systems, supplemented by weekly user tests.

What we’ll do:

  • Ensure all log book recommendations have been completed
  • Carry out a visual inspection of all elements of the fire alarm system
  • Check operation of all sounders
  • Test and inspect standby batteries
  • Verify the output functions of the control panel
  • Inspect all controls and visual indicators to ensure they are energised
  • Production of Certificate of Inspection by a competent person

Once the electrical safety testing has been carried out, the resultant remedial repairs must completed. The risk is that an accident or incident occurs after tests identify a fault but before that fault is remedied.

Regularly there are incidents where sites have been tested but faults not corrected. It’s vital to understand that fixed installation testing is only part of the electrical safety compliance requirement. If the essential remedial work is not complete following testing then the organisation could be culpable of fault and negligence. It’s likely that insurance for the site would be compromised and if the worst should happen then it could be proven that the Duty Holder was liable.

In order to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations, all electrical systems and equipment used in the workplace should be in a safe condition. The HSE recommend that to comply with the regulations, an inspection and testing regime must be implemented in every workplace. Part of this inspection regime should include the undertaking of portable appliance testing /PAT.

Maximising Efficiency – Electronic Testing Reports

Data Facilities not only undertake the testing, but provide a scrupulous guidance service in order that our clients’ requirements are met with minimal disruption and maximum cost-efficiency. We do not offer “advice” in order to maximise the turnover to our organisation.

All test results can be provided electronically in basic Microsoft software packages (Excel, Word etc). This way, our clients do not need to purchase any expensive software in order to view, save or distribute their results. In accordance with our environmental policy and as an ISO 14001 company, our aim is to minimise the amount of paper we use and as such we do not usually provide hard copies unless specifically requested.

Having developed relationships with many of the UK’s largest facilities, mechanical & electrical contractors, our staff are in an enviable position to offer a third-party consultancy and outsourcing service. With a nationwide supply-chain, Data Facilities can call on the expertise of major organisations in order to employ the best resources to each and every client.

Cost Effective Solutions

Geography, cost and technical requirements all play a part in determining the best solution for our clients; the scope is limitless as is the potential to misplace financial resources! As such we can assure you of our determination to bring in the best organisation to suit individual needs and to ensure that a professional, cost-effective facilities solution is provided.

The services are multi-faceted and include:

  • lighting maintenance
  • fire alarm maintenance
  • IT network installation and maintenance
  • data cable maintenance

The British Standard for emergency escape lighting systems is BS5266-1:2016. Compliance with this standard will assist users in meeting the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

It’s recommended that regular servicing of emergency lighting systems is essential to ensure that they are maintained in a good working order. This should involve frequent user inspections, as well as annual testing and inspections undertaken by a competent person.

What we’ll do:

  • Test each luminaire in emergency mode
  • Inspection of mains indicators to ensure they are energised
  • Testing of luminaires for their full duration
  • Checking of charging arrangements for proper functionality
  • Full recording of findings documented in log book
  • Production of Certificate of Inspection by a competent person
  • Recommendations for any remedial work required

A thermographic survey or inspection is a general term used to describe all non-disruptive testing techniques which analyse the thermal pattern of a component’s surface.

Many modern 24-7 organisations are looking towards alternatives to the downtime which a fixed wire inspection and test inevitably requires. In some instances, a thermographic survey can be the answer.

Thermal Imaging Camera Equipment

Concentrating on the distribution boards, switchgear and plant, a detailed survey is undertaken using high-tech thermal imaging camera equipment. Further to this survey, a detailed report showing digital and infra-red images is provided to assist in identifying plant and distribution and any associated faults.

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